A Professional Development seminar designed with grad students in mind!!!
ICN Professional Development Series BIOB 595 (1 credit-CRN #75365) our first seminar is on Sept 5th from 3:10-4:30
Please contact Dan Vanderpool with any questions: ddvanderpool@gmail.com

Please join us Wednesday July 23rd at Bozeman Beach (E. Gallatin Park) from 6-9 pm for a BBQ/ Social. Please bring something to share and RSVP if possible to: slatemandy@gmail.com

Our fall semester ICN meeting will be on October 24th from 3:10- 4:30 in DHC 023.

The Interdisciplinary Collaborative Network formed as a result of a collaborative effort between graduate students and faculty at The University of Montana (UM) in order to provide an instrument through which individuals in disparate fields of study and/or geographic locales can easily find opportunities to contribute to research on the same system or concept. We are fostering a professional network that we hope will enhance the diversity and scope of scientific investigations within and between Montana Universities.

September 26-28 will be our 2nd annual ICN retreat in Glacier National Park.

Our next UM- ICN social will be a Pie and Wine Party in late August! Keep posted for more details!


spectrUM Discovery Table

The ICN is partnering with the spectrUM Discover Center to help bring hands-on science to communities across Montana.
Want to get involved? Please contact: Kristen Crandell at kristen.crandell AT gmail DOT com
Website: http://spectrum.umt.edu/default.php

ICN Partners

  • Doug Brugger
  • Katey Driscoll
  • Kal Munis
  • Amanda DelVecchia
  • Frances (Franny) Gilman
  • Annie Cooper
  • Brett Addis
  • Chelsea McIver
  • Peter Ganzlin
  • Andrew Myers
  • Alexis Billings
  • Kris (Kristen) Crandell
  • James Van Leuven
  • Megan Nasto
  • Karolina Fierro
  • Andy Boyce
  • Sarah Castle
  • Peter Bordokoff
  • Patrick Hutchins
  • Jacob Lucero
  • William Smith
  • Dan Vanderpool
  • Ryan Bracewell
  • Mandy Slate

Mission Statement

The Interdisciplinary Collaborative Network (ICN) fosters a professional network that assists researchers in easily finding opportunities to collaborate on scientific investigations.

ICN Moto

We are bridging the gap between disciplines and forging a path through which integrated research will organically develop and prosper.